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All-Wheel Drive: What Everyone Should Know

All Wheel Drive Systems or you know what they are? How about FWD or RWD? Find out more about the car you drive and the all wheel drive systems.

(NAPSI)-When shopping for a car, one of the key elements that can affect a consumer's choice is the layout of the drivetrain. That is, does the vehicle have front-wheel drive (FWD)? Rear-wheel drive (RWD)? All wheel drive (AWD)? It can help to know the differences and benefits.

In FWD and RWD alignments, only one set of wheels is used to deliver power from the engine to the pavement. The latter helps improve performance by allowing the two rear wheels to handle acceleration, leaving the front wheels to focus solely on directing the vehicle (and the majority of braking).

AWD uses all four wheels for traction improvement for performance or bad-weather reasons. For example, Infiniti's Intelligent AWD system is one of the most advanced systems available on any automobile. The entire product line is available with this technology, including the Infiniti G sports sedan and coupe, the Infiniti EX luxury crossover and both V6- and V8-engine versions of the Infiniti M luxury sedan and Infiniti FX performance crossover. The system uses an active torque distribution management system with an active center clutch for smooth starts, greater grip and better maneuverability on slippery surfaces without compromising the vehicle's rear-wheel drive performance characteristics on dry roads.

By constantly adjusting the power--sending anywhere from 50 percent to the front, up to 100 percent to the rear--the system generates greater control without sacrificing sportiness and true performance dynamics. Under most driving conditions, Infiniti's AWD system keeps a classic sports car−inspired, rear-wheel drive feel by maintaining 100 percent of torque at the rear drive wheels.

The system constantly measures wheel spin, throttle position and vehicle speed, and, when conditions are less than optimal, can seamlessly send power (substantially variable from 0 to 50 percent) to the front wheels to provide all-wheel traction. The system can also modulate the braking system to distribute power from side to side if necessary.

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