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The Lamborghini Estoque Concept

There has been a recent trend amongst high-end exotic car makers to appeal to a slightly more practical side of the market. While companies like Ferrari and Porsche are far better known for their sports cars that are poised at the limit of performance technology, recently they have been making concessions towards customers interested in combining the prestige of a European brand name with the convenience of a 4-passenger automobile. One of the bests examples of this has been the Porsche Panamera, a sedan intended to compete with vehicles from Aston Martin and BMW.

Lamborghini’s lineup is perhaps more restricted than that of either its Italian countrymen or German competitors, but thanks to the ownership of Audi they have access to an impressive number of research and development resources when it comes time to update their platforms and explore new market niches. At the 2008 Paris Motor Show the company demonstrated that it was ready to take the next step when they unveiled the 2013 Lamborghini Estoque sedan.

While the exact production date might not be set in stone, the Estoque (the term for the sword used by a bullfighter, in keeping with the company’s heritage) displays some fascinating new directions for the sports car company. Continuing their habit of borrowing from Audi, the long-wheelbase vehicle will use the same aluminum space frame as the Audi A8, giving it both superb strength and excellent weight savings. The Estoque makes full use of every inch of the full-size platform, displaying stretched out, angular body work that is an interesting combination of current Lamborghini styling cues and aggressive aerodynamics. A large front air dam swoops up in a sinister smile and leads the eye back along the creased side to muscular haunches that also contain part of the rear doorframe. The back end of the car actually looks quite British, following the lead of recent efforts from Aston Martin and Jaguar. Perhaps one of the most striking aspects of the Estoque at first glance is just how low the entire vehicle sits, especially for a sedan.

Not much is known about the mechanical setup of the Lamborghini Estoque, but it is fairly certain that the vehicle will retain the all-wheel drive that has become synonymous with the brand. The automobile will house the engine forward of the cockpit, which is an unusual move for Lamborghini, although it will most likely find itself located behind the front axle for better weight balance. As to what exactly that motor will finally end up being, speculation is rampant. The current favorite is the V10 found in other Lamborghini products, but sources say that an 8 or 12-cylinder engine are also possibilities.

The prospect of a Lamborghini which can seat more than two in total comfort and luxury is one which excites drivers around the world, even though only a very small percentage of them will ever be able to afford to pocket the keys of this ultra-exclusive sedan. The future of exotic four-door automobiles looks bright indeed.

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